Thursday, April 26, 2012

Staging Your House the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of enhancing positive energy flow and the resulting effect it has on life.  By utilizing some basic techniques you can enhance how a home that is for sale will appeal to potential buyers.

Staging to Feng Shui the Sale

Add Light:  Soft light is best, and the bulb should not be visible.  Mirrors can also intensify light, but be careful with placement.

Banish Clutter:  Cleaning and de-cluttering increase the opportunity for money to flow to you.

Use Plants:  Live plants or a good representation of live plants signify life.

Wisely Use Color:  To avoid stress and irritability, use neutral colors around the house.  To lift the chi, add flashes of color in the art or accessories.

Clear a Path:  Keeping your pathways clean and unblocked allows the wealth to flow into your front door.  Make sure you trim and bushes or shrubs that overhang pathways.

Hang a Gentle Wind Chime:  A wind chime actives the sound energy, greets visitors, and draws chi to your house.

Get Packing:  Packing to move sends a positive intention: You expect to move, you expect to get a sale - and you will.

* Taken from "Home Staging for Dummies" Rae, Maresh